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David Dellucci is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. He played for 13 years for teams including the Baltimore Orioles, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays. In 2001, he won the World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks over the New York Yankees. In 2003 he returned to the World Series again, this time with the Yankees.

Coach Brian Vikander has specialized in the realm of pitching (biomechanics, effective velocity, sports psychology) for 30+ years.  His client list includes a former Cy Young Award Winner, MLB All Stars as well as youth, college and professional players. Mr. Vikander coached with legendary Tom House, Ph.D. for two years and actively participated on the Faculty of the Rod DeDeaux Research and Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and the National Pitching Association (NPA), at the University of Southern California. Concurrently, Mr. Vikander is also an accomplished photojournalist, traveling to 150+ countries for National Georgraphic and other prominent magazines.
Kevin Johnson played baseball professionally in Australia and Europe and has been an associate scout for the Baltimore Orioles. For twenty years he was instrumental in growing the Major League Baseball Academy throughout Australia. Kevin will coach on his fourth continent beginning in 2017 as he once again becomes an employee of Major League Baseball as academy head of MLB China.
Parker Morin was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 2012. He currently plays for the Triple-A
Omaha Stormchasers and works with the Crusher organization in his off season.

Bill "Mad Dog" Madlock, Jr. is a former Major League Baseball player. From 1973 to 1987, Madlock won four National League batting titles, two as a Chicago Cub and two as a Pittsburgh Pirate. He also won the All-Star MVP title in 1975. In 1979 he won the World Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Chuck Cary is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. Chuck played eight years for teams including the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago White Sox. In addition, he also played a year with the Tokyo Giants. Chuck also pitched in the College World Series in 1980 for the University of California at Berkeley.
Dr. Eric Heiden is an orthopedic surgeon, decorated Olympian and former professional cyclist.  Dr. Heiden won 5 gold medals in speed skating in the 1980 Olympics and competed in cycling’s Tour de France in 1986.  Dr. Heiden serves as the Crusher’s medical consultant and strength and training coach.
Brent Milner spent 25 years advising the health care industry as a corporate finance and merger and acquisition investment banker in addition to managing investment banking groups. His career covered biotechnology, medical devices and health care services companies. Access to CEOs, thought-leading physicians, and science and technology pioneers provided an anecdotal wealth of knowledge now applied to re-engineering the youth baseball learning process from practice plans, drills, leadership, and the incorporation of the latest technologies and training techniques.
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